"Rough water has beaten me up for years, but not anymore! Since I added Smooth Moves seat mounts to my boat, my back feels great and running on big waves has never been more comfortable. Smooth Moves are ingenious, rugged, 100% dependable and have been an absolute Godsend. I recommend them to fellow anglers everywhere I go!"
Babe Winkelman
Host of "Good Fishing" Television

Today's boats are big, high powered, and designed very well. Even with all the technology they can all use a little help providing us with a better ride. Whether you are a weekend angler, a professional guide, or a serious tournament angler our bodies are relatively the same. As an angler of any caliber we are subjected to some pretty harsh conditions on the water at times. Neck, spine, and back issues in general are pretty common place amongst anglers and once they set in they can be devastating to both our fishing and our daily lives. You never seem to fully recover from spinal issues once they have occurred and prevention is the key to pain free fishing.

While not a 100% solution the Smooth Moves Seat Mount suspension can be just what the doctor ordered for preventing spinal issues. Utilizing an exclusive four spring design along with a hydraulic shock, the Smooth Moves Seat Mount is easily adjustable to on the water conditions and your own personal body weight. The word is definitely out on how proven these suspensions are in providing you the most comfortable and durable ride on the market.

The Smooth Moves Seat Mount is easily installed in most deep draft boats along with many other boat designs as well. An average installation will usually take 30-45 minutes with simple hand tools. A shorter pedestal is generally required to obtain your factory seat height. We do have these available or we can point you in the right direction for shortening up your existing hardware. While we have tried very hard to give you a quality fit without pedestal relocation, it may be necessary on some models to gain leg room.

To answer a frequently asked question, "yes", you can still swivel your seat after the suspension is installed. You will retain a 300-360 degree rotation on most boats. Please feel free to call or e-mail with specific questions on your application and please understand if the Smooth Moves Seat Mount is not right for you or your boat we will not sell it to you.

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