Tackle the Water with Less Jolts & Back Pain

Ready to feel like you’re riding on air? Smooth Moves Air boat seat suspension system features a built-in air compressor that absorbs shocks to keep you on the water longer.

Choose from 2 Add-On Boat Seat Suspension Systems


Try our Air suspension, and we promise, you’ll never go back to pedestal seats again! Easy to activate and durable for more salt-water action!


Have passengers along for the ride? Keep them comfortable with a hydraulic boat seat suspension that eliminates back and joint pain.

Experience The Benefits Yourself

Seat Suspension

Shock-absorbing technology for less tension and back pain.

Durable for more action!

Featuring water-resistant powder-coated steel with a protective rubber boot.

Suspension for Boat Seat Pedestal Seating

Easy to install on most fishing and pontoon boats with pedestal-style seat configurations.

Want To Offer Smooth Moves Suspensions To Your Customers?

Smooth Moves Seats make a great addition to boats and dealerships! If you’d like to offer Smooth Moves Seats to your customers, we can help!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“I bought one of these this summer to replace my solid pedestal, like it so much I bought the second one for the passenger seat. Unbelievable how much nicer your back feels at the end of the day on rough water.”

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