5 Common Boating Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

It’s that time of year when fall creeps in and summer slowly disappears. Depending on where you live, boating season may come to an end soon. As you eagerly get out to enjoy the water, remember that boat safety is essential no matter the season. New boaters and seasoned ones alike can all use a refresher once in a while to ensure they never take safety for granted. Brush up on five common boating mistakes and how to avoid them.

Not Checking the Forecast

We’ve all been there—the sun is shining, it’s the weekend, and nothing sounds better than spending all day out on the boat with friends. Suddenly, dark clouds appear in the afternoon, and the day is ruined by a torrential downpour.

Always check the forecast before you go out on the boat. Storms stir up quickly on the water, and getting caught outdoors during bad weather can be frightening if you don’t know how to handle the situation. If the forecast predicts rain, don’t go out on your boat; stay home or do something else instead.

Running Out of Gas

Have you ever been having a great time out on the water, and suddenly, there’s a sputter, and you’re out of gas? It can happen. Maybe you think you can make it to your destination with a half tank or forget to check the gas tank entirely. Avoid the embarrassment of being stranded by always checking the gas tank before you set out.

Not Setting a Plan or Directions

Some people refuse to stop and ask for directions when they’re lost, and others don’t plan their route before setting out in a boat. Set your pride aside and plan your route before you head out. Getting lost is never fun, especially as the temperatures drop and your fuel gets low.

Forgetting the Drain Plug

Forgetting the drain plug seems like a ridiculous thing to do, but it’s so very common. This is because many boaters remove the drain plug when putting a boat on a trailer. It’s easy to forget to put it back in. To avoid this mishap, add a drain plug to your pre-boating checklist to ensure you never forget it.

Falling Behind on Boat Maintenance

One of the most common boating mistakes to avoid is getting lazy about regular boat maintenance. If you don’t take care of the little things that need routine repairs, checks, or replacements, you can inadvertently create bigger problems. And the last place you want to experience those issues is out on the water. Keep up with boat maintenance year-round so that you can feel confident your ride is in top shape during boating season.

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