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Shock-Absorbing Boat
Seat Suspension System

Smooth Moves knows what every angler wants – more time on the water with less back pain. Luckily, with our signature boat seat suspension system, you can say goodbye to nagging back, neck, and body aches. An expert in pneumatic and mechanical shock suspensions, Smooth Moves shock-absorbing boat seats cuts through even the toughest waves.

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We carry two different Smooth Moves marine suspension seating kits—the Air and Ultra Smooth Moves! Both kits are extremely simple to mount, install, and adjust, depending on your specific boat and requirements.

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Ready for a Smoother Ride?

The Smooth Moves boat seat suspension system is simple to install and easy to maintain, so you can get out on the water faster and handle choppy waters comfortably. For your convenience, check out our helpful “how-to” instructional links below:

What people are saying

“Just wanted to give you some positive feedback on the Smooth Moves Ultra boat seat. I installed two in my 620, and we fished Eerie in very difficult conditions. I had an 89-year-old man in my boat, and he never once complained about any jarring, and he raved about the difference Smooth Moves made.”

Kelly Bradley, Smooth Moves customer

What people are saying

“I like to fish on the continental shelf about fifteen miles east of Tasmania. Most times I go out, there is a one- or two-meter swell. After installing my new Smooth Moves boat seat, I came home yesterday feeling quite fresh after seven hours out and back in quite bumpy conditions.”

Tony Gardner, angler from Tasmania

What people are saying

“I was a director of a spine clinic, and preventing back and neck pain is much easier than treating back and neck pain. I spend over 100 days a year in a boat. The Smooth Moves boat seat is my shock absorber for my back and neck.”

Bruce “Doc” Samson, professional walleye angler

What people are saying

“Smooth Moves’ hydraulic boat seat has allowed me to compete after three spinal surgeries. I fish in large waves with absolutely no discomfort to me or my passenger. Without the Smooth Moves boat seat, my fishing career would have been cut short!”

Mark Martin, professional angler