Shock Absorbing Boat Seat Care & Maintenance

Maintenance for the Smooth Moves Air

No maintenance is required for the Smooth Moves Air suspension.

Maintenance for the Smooth Moves Ultra

If you store your boat for winter or any length of time, we recommend relieving the tension on the springs. This can be done by turning the long gray handle counterclockwise.

Once a year if your boat is in fresh water and twice a year if in salt water, lubricate the springs. This can be done through the holes on the top of the suspension. (See photos below.) You can reach these holes by sliding the seat all the way back and all the way forward. Use silicone or any other preferred lubricant. A spray can with a straw attached works the best to spray into the holes. Be careful not to over-lubricate, causing lubricant to run out the bottom.

Helpful reminders for the Smooth Moves Ultra

After you have installed your suspension, adjust for your weight. When setting the tension for your weight, a good starting point is to adjust the tension so that you feel the springs just start to give when you sit on the seat. Once adjusted, turn the long gray handle to the horizontal position to protect the rubber boot.

When adjusting the height of the suspension, the height adjustment knob will turn hard due to the spring tension against it. Remember to put some weight on the seat, and it will turn easier. By putting weight on it, you relieve some of the spring pressure against it. Remember that the lower the height of the suspension (or the more compact it is), the less travel you will have.

 If you are in big waves and start to feel the suspension bottoming out or if you are getting too much “rebound action”; tighten up the spring tension by turning the long gray handle clockwise.


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