Boat Seat Suspension Installation Guide

How to Install your Boat Seat Suspension Kit

Congratulations on being the new owner of Smooth Moves shock-absorbing boat seat suspension systems! You’re just minutes away from enjoying a smoother, longer ride on the water.

About The Smooth Moves Boat Seat Shock Absorber:

The Smooth Moves seat suspension kit provides immediate shock-absorbing capabilities to your existing boat seating. Investing in smooth-ride boat seats not only improves your overall experience while out on the water but also reduces general body pains and aches caused by riding over waves. The shock absorption unit helps eliminates those pesky sharp pains in the neck, back, shoulders, and more. Plus, this system is unique in that it doesn’t require an air pump to function! And, it simply installs over your existing seating layout. Then the suspension system does the heavy lifting while you enjoy a lazy cruise, high-speed performance boating, or anything in between!

Installing Seat Suspension Kits:

Once you measure your boat seats and properly determine the compatible Smooth Moves suspension kit, it’s time to start the installation process. Luckily, this process is very user-friendly! Learn more about boat seat suspension system installation by either downloading our helpful instructions or viewing our informative videos below.

We have four variations of each instructional medium, each covering the following installation processes: Smooth Moves Ultra With Box Mount Installation, Smooth Moves Ultra With Pedestal Installation, Smooth Moves Air With Box Mount Installation, and Smooth Moves Air With Pedestal Installation. Ensure you keep to the correct guide relative to your suspension kit.

Alternatively, consider bringing your Smooth Moves boat seat suspension system to your local marine dealership for additional assistance with the installation process. They have the tools and expertise to expedite installation and alleviate your stress. If you’re still struggling to install smooth-ride boat seats properly, please feel free to contact our friendly team here at Smooth Moves Seats! We’re eager to help find the ideal solutions to get you out on the water for long stretches of time.

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Visual learner? No problem. Check out our YouTube video to watch a step-by-step tutorial on how to install Smooth Moves like a pro.

Smooth Moves Ultra with Box Mount Installation

Smooth Moves Ultra with Pedestal Installation

Smooth Moves AIR with Box Mount Installation

Smooth Moves AIR with Pedestal Installation

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Select your Smooth Moves model below for specific install instructions:

Air with Pedestal

Ultra with Pedestal

Air with Box

Ultra with Box

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Need a Hand?

Aside from enjoying a smoother ride on the water, another great benefit of choosing Smooth Moves suspension boat seats is having access to superior customer service when you have questions.

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