5 Possible Reasons You’re Not Catching Fish

Fishing is truly an amazing activity—it’s an ancient human occupation, a valuable tool for survival, and a relaxing pastime enjoyed by countless individuals globally. However, there’s nothing worse than spending time, energy, and a lot of money just to return home without a sizable catch. Read on to learn the five possible reasons you’re not catching fish.

Poor Location Selection

There’s a well-known fishing fact called the 90/10 rule. Basically, it states that high-density pockets of fish tend to stay together in small areas. If you spend an entire day at the same spot without getting so much as a nibble, chances are the marine life is elsewhere. Move through different fishing locations for every hour you don’t catch fish to increase your chances of success.

Ineffective Gear

Various fishing gear and supplies can attract or deter certain species of fish. For example, walleye love jerkbait fishing lures but will typically avoid drop shots or plastic worms. Different breeds of large and smallmouth bass prefer all of those baits but avoid spoon lures. Interestingly, the same species of fish in varying bodies of water boast unique bait preferences, including size, shape, and even color. Research the types of fish in your desired angling location before setting out to ensure you have the correct gear for the environment.

Noisy Boating Practices

One commonly believed fishing myth is that talking, music, and other above-surface sounds scare fish away from your lines. In fact, fish are much more terrified of the loud vibrations your boat produces. Watercraft typically feature bases with large surface areas that distribute sounds more effectively through water. This means that dropping a metal tool on the floor of your boat or running the engine can prevent bountiful biting. Keep these noises to a minimum when out on the water to guarantee a more action-packed experience.

Wrong Time of Day

Fish are cold-blooded and rely on their environment for warmth or cool relief. Therefore, factors like the time of day impact where fish are in a body of water at any given moment. For instance, during midday and late-evening periods, when temperatures are often more intense, fish avoid the surface. Alternatively, certain species of marine life are dormant during the day and incredibly active at night or dusk. Again, ensure you research the ideal time of day relative to your desired fishing location in advance.

Water Temperature Considerations

As mentioned above, cold-blooded creatures move with the sun to ensure optimal body temperatures. Furthermore, the temperature of the water itself dictates the movement of fish throughout the day, as well temperature changes during seasonal periods. You might struggle to haul in a massive catch if the body of water is too cold or warm for the native inhabitants.

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