5 Simple Ways To Customize Your Boat Interior

For boat lovers, any kind of boat is a good boat. Still, it’s fun to make yours unique. You may live in an area where you boat all year or need to squeeze in as many days as you can in the warmer months before it’ time to pack it all in. Either way, a customized boat makes the experience a lot of fun. Follow along as we discuss five simple ways to customize your boat interior.

Use Colors That Suit You

You’re a heck of a lot of fun to be around, so let that dazzling personality shine on the interior of your boat. Plain interiors are everywhere. Why not opt for something that makes people stop and say, “Wow!” Or, if mellow is more your style, you can color your boat interior in soft neutral tones. Whatever you choose, remember that your boat is a reflection of you, just like your home.

Save Space

Even if your boat came with a table and chairs, better options might be available. Tables and chairs that fold are super convenient when you have extra guests or maybe need a quick makeshift dance floor. Any way you can save space on the boat is a win.

Create a Smooth Ride

Want to impress your boating guests? Give them the smoothest ride they’ve ever had. Pedestal seats often make for a bumpy ride. One way to customize the interior of your boat is to install a marine air ride seats. With these, you’ll have a smooth time at any speed.

Add Custom Storage

Is there ever too much storage? Not on the boat. In fact, boat storage is often frustrating. You need a lot of stuff in a small space. One way to improve that issue is to create custom storage. Take a look around the boat, and you may find areas you’ve never considered for storage. Here’s a list of ideas on how to make the most out of boat storage:

  • Add hooks wherever you can to hang items.
  • Use bungie cords on the ceiling for water toys and flat items.
  • Install bench seats that lift and double as storage trunks.
  • Hang a marine rope organizer for your anchor ropes.
  • Hang cargo nets and door hangers to hold just about anything.
  • Install spice racks in tight spaces to hold smaller gear.
  • Add built-in cabinets anywhere you can squeeze them in.

Once you get started, you’ll start to see more areas where you can create custom storage for your boat.

Improve the Sound System

We saved the best for last because what’s more important on the boat than a sound system? Your boat may have come with one, but if you want to customize the boat’s interior, you need an improved sound system.

The best place to start is to switch to Bluetooth if you haven’t yet. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. And in the long run, it makes managing the music on a boat easier since everything works from your phone.

Next, upgrade your speakers on the boat if you can. It’s a great way to customize the interior and have an impressive sound system.

As you consider ways to customize the interior of your boat, remember to do only what suits your style, the use of your boat, and your budget. At Smooth Moves, we understand the importance of a smooth ride and how customizing your boat seats can improve the boating experience. Contact us, and we’ll help you take your boat to the highest comfort level.