Modern Features Every Fishing Boat Needs

Investing in a watercraft is an exciting and rewarding experience that’s fun for the whole family. If you’re going to spend a lot of money on a quality vessel, it’s worth outfitting it with advanced technology and equipment. Check out these three modern features every fishing boat needs.

Sonar Fishing Equipment

Whether you’re participating in an angling tournament or simply hoping to bring home a larger catch, you can’t go wrong with an advanced onboard sonar fishing assistance device. Also known as chart plotters and fishfinders, this sonar equipment can accurately locate ideal casting locations regardless of weather, visibility conditions, water type, or water depth. Relevant fishing information is broadcasted in real-time to a GPS display screen, allowing you to chase significant pockets of marine life as you please. Aside from locating dense schools of fish, chart plotters provide data on bottom topography, fauna structures, water temperature, and more. Ultimately, this complementary knowledge can only improve your fishing experience and overall haul.

Rod Storage Solutions

Rod holders and lockers are expected features on any new fishing boat. These devices are perfect for solo fishing excursions, allowing you to pilot your ship without moving your line from your preferred fishing spot. Additionally, the added convenience reduces arm and body fatigue on longer fishing trips. As a bonus, rod holders are quite simple to mount and install all on your own. If you own a spacious vessel, consider installing rod lockers on board for enhanced storage, organization, and security.

Upgraded Seat Suspension System

Every angler wishes they could stay out on the water all day. However, whether it’s due to long hours of sitting or rocky water conditions, your body will eventually tire. Pushing past your limits only exasperates the issue, adding further stress and potentially leading to chronic pain down the road. The ultimate solution to combat the negative effects of violent rocking is to invest in a quality boat seat suspension system. These devices easily attach to your existing marine seating and provide superior shock absorption capabilities when boating through waves and choppy surfaces. For example, professional anglers prefer our Smooth Moves systems thanks to their simple yet highly effective design.

Every fishing boat needs one or more of these features to offer a modern boating experience. For more information on seat suspension and the benefits of shock absorption, check out our selection of quality seating modifications here at Smooth Moves Seats!