Top 4 Boat Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

Boating is a fun-filled activity that provides ample opportunities for adventure. Some top-notch boat accessories can enhance your boating experience, whether you are a seasoned boater or a newbie. Our Smooth Moves team has compiled the top four boat accessories you didn’t know you needed!

Underwater Lights

Night fishing is a popular activity, and underwater lights can enhance the experience. Underwater lights improve visibility under the surface of the water and increase your chances of nabbing a catch. Light attracts different species of plankton and other microscopic animals, the preferred food for many bait fish like minnows and shad. The increase in bait fish draws predators right to you! Underwater LEDs are energy-efficient and long-lasting, and with various styles available, you can choose the perfect ones for your boat.

Weather-Proof Enclosures

Sudden weather changes can put a damper on your boating experience. A weather-proof enclosure is a must-have accessory if you want to stay dry and comfortable when random rain rolls in. You can customize enclosures to fit your boat, keeping you safe from harsh weather conditions. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose from canvas, plastic, and vinyl.

Air Ride Boat Seats

Boating can be bumpy, especially if in a small boat or when navigating rough waters. Air ride boat seats are excellent accessories for boaters seeking comfort and support on the water. These seats use air bladders, foam cushions, and suspension systems to create a smooth ride and provide maximum support. You can explore our selection of air ride boat seats at Smooth Moves to enhance the comfort of your boat today!

Rod Holders and Built-In Tackle Compartments

If you love to fish, rod holders and built-in tackle boxes are must-haves for your boat! These accessories provide ample space to store and organize fishing equipment while keeping them accessible. Rod holders and tackle boxes also reduce clutter and free up deck space, making moving around the boat safer and more comfortable.

Since built-in tackle compartments are part of your vessel, you won’t struggle to find your gear. With so many styles available, you can choose the perfect compartments for your boat.

The list of boat accessories you didn’t know you needed doesn’t stop here! We recommend trying out many accessories to determine your favorites.