Red boats stored outside in the winter.

Properly storing your boat during colder months means she’ll be in great shape when you take her out in the spring. If you don’t have available storage at home, our boat storage ideas (including the aptly named “boatel”) can keep your vessel protected until the weather warms back up and you’re able to get back on the water.

Outdoor Boat Storage: In Water

If you live in a place with mild temperatures (that is, temperatures don’t fall below freezing), you might be able to store your boat at your marina or by your dock. When it comes to boat storage costs, this one is relatively inexpensive, although it does come with its own risks. 

Storing your boat in water means prolonged exposure to the elements. If your temperatures tend to trend colder, make sure to completely winterize your boat. You’ll also want to add an agitator to eliminate water freezing around your vessel while it sits in the water. 

Outdoor Boat Storage: Dry 

Depending on which route you go, on-land dry storage can be a cost-effective, low maintenance way to keep your boat safe. A covered outdoor storage space provides your boat with some protection from the elements. If you live in an area with temperate weather, you could try an uncovered outdoor storage facility, which is often even more affordable. 

Because most boat storage facilities invest heavily in their security systems, you can rest assured that your boat will be safe and sound.

One other option available is a boat lift. This convenient alternative gives you easy access to the water by simply elevating your boat above water in one of three fashions: bottom standing, suspension, or floating. 

However, we don’t recommend boat lifts if you live in an area prone to high winds or hurricanes. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for pests that might try to make your boat their new home. 

Indoor Boat Storage

While indoor boat storage is the more expensive option of the three, it also provides the most protection from the elements, and can therefore prevent damage (such as osmotic blisters or paint peeling) that lead to future expenses. 

Dry stacking with other boats at a “boatel” offers you the opportunity to store your boat indoors on a free-standing rack. When you’re ready to retrieve your boat, you can simply call up the establishment who will get it ready for you.

Many indoor storage facilities offer additional services including winterizations and shrink wrapping. These additional precautions mean your boat has had a thorough observation and is ready to lay dormant for a bit.  

Keep Your Boat Protected

At Smooth Moves, we want your boat to last for years to come. And with the proper care and maintenance, hopefully it will. 

If you’re already looking ahead to the spring and spending all day on your boat, consider installing the comfort of our Smooth Moves Seats. We’ll have your back (literally) when you’re ready to take your boat out of storage and get back to your favorite activity.