5 Reasons You’re Sore After Going Boating

Don’t let a controllable factor ruin your day out on the water. Here are the five most common reasons you’re sore after going boating and the best ways to prevent body stress and fatigue.

Reason I: You Don’t Stretch Beforehand

Spending a day out on the water is a marathon of endurance that requires a quick warm-up beforehand. Consider doing simple stretches before getting into your boat to help stimulate blood vessels and loosen tissues and muscles. Squatting, bent-arm shoulder extending, and lying-knee rolling are three ideal stretches to do before boating. Additionally, stretch your back to avoid spine stress and soreness.

Reason II: You Strain Your Back While Loading Your Boat

Oftentimes boaters sustain a minor injury before their boat ever leaves the dock! Boating equipment is heavy and numerous, requiring significant labor and effort to move from a car or trailer to your vessel. Ensure you lift all boating equipment properly – with your knees rather than your back – and utilize extra pairs of hands when possible. You should always practice your pre-boating stretches before lifting and loading heavy items.

Reason III: You Wear the Wrong Footwear

While you’ll spend most of your day out on the water sitting, your footwear selection still plays a massive role in your overall comfort. Shoes such as flip flops lack the proper support to alleviate back, neck, and joint stress. Instead, invest in quality deck shoes with non-slip rubber soles and close-toe structures. These reinforced footwear options provide ideal support and protect your extremities from falling obstacles and potential injuries.

Reason IV: You Don’t Drink Enough . . . or Too Much!

Not drinking enough water while out in the sun can cause dehydration and, consequently, body cramping and soreness. Water evaporates from our bodies rapidly when aboard a vessel due to increased sun exposure. Ensure you drink eight ounces of water every 20 minutes to compensate for water loss – this pace ensures consistent rehydration throughout the day. Conversely, avoid overindulging in adult beverages, as these drinks further expedite dehydration!

Reason V: Your Vessel’s Seating Lacks Proper Support

Choppy water conditions are another factor that causes body soreness following a day out on the boat. If your vessel lacks supportive seating, sustaining repeated waves can significantly impact your spine and back. Consider installing an advanced marine suspension seating system onto your existing vessel infrastructure to improve back support for yourself and your passengers. These devices allow you to stay out on the water for long periods without sustaining increased body stress.

These five elements are the most common reasons you’re sore after going boating. Luckily, our team at Smooth Moves can assist you in improving your vessel’s suspension system – browse our selection of shock-absorbing seating devices and enhance your boating experience today!