What Are the Most Common Freshwater Fish To Catch?

Have you ever wondered what the most common freshwater fish to catch are in North America? Read on to learn more about popular aquatic species and the ideal methods for catching large quantities of fish.

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass are the kings and queens of freshwater game fish in the United States. Along with being one of the most abundant aquatic species in the world, largemouth bass are relatively simple to catch and, as such, are often the primary targets of freshwater anglers everywhere. Trolling is the most effective fishing method for catching largemouth bass, while live bait and soft plastic lures are ideal for attracting feeding frenzies.

Fun fact: Largemouth bass belong to a group of fish known as black basses that include spotted, redeye, and smallmouth bass.


Crappies are incredibly common freshwater animals found in ponds and lakes throughout the US. Many inexperienced anglers specifically fish for crappies due to their abundance, medium size, and the likelihood of having one bite your line. Of all the fish on this list, crappies—especially black crappies—are the easiest fish to catch and worth pursuing if you are new to the sport. Jigging, trolling, and still fishing are all suitable methods for hunting crappie, and we recommend using live bait (insects, minnows, flies) or jigs for the best results.


The largest member of the perch family, walleye are one of the most popular game species for North American anglers. These freshwater dwellers can reach well above 25 pounds and aren’t as easy to catch as crappie or largemouth bass. However, they provide fishing enthusiasts with a rewarding challenge that yields amazing pictures of your trophy afterward! Drift fishing, still fishing, and trolling are acceptable methods for catching large sums of walleye. Additionally, consider using spinners, spoons, and small live bait for luring potential targets. Leeches and minnows are two natural snacks for walleyes and typically trigger a productive feeding frenzy underwater.


River trout fishing is a highly popular activity in North America, but lake species of trout are just as entertaining to hunt and catch. You can find trout, specifically rainbow trout, in freshwater bodies throughout the continent. We recommend using a fly, spinner, or spoon with a trolling or jigging method to catch the highest number of trout possible. This species also makes a wonderful entrée for the entire family if you’re able to bring your prizes back home!

Recognizing the most common freshwater fish ensures you have a better idea of the different species underwater and, as a result, equips you with the right techniques and tools to catch more game. One method for increasing your fishing haul is spending more time out on the water. Thanks to our high-quality Smooth Moves Ultra suspension seat base, you can ensure better comfort and support for long days of fishing and sunshine!