Man smiling on a boat. Let's get your boat ready for spring!

Preparing your boat to go back in the water might be getting you through these winter days. While you probably know how important it is to winterize your boat, you might not know that adequately de-winterizing it is just as vital. Not sure how to de-winterize your boat? These tips will help ensure you’re ready to hit the water as soon as temperatures start to climb. 

How to Get a Boat Ready for Spring

  1. Perform a Visual Inspection

After you take the tarp or covering off your boat, give it a thorough examination. Check for any damage that might have occurred during storage, including critters who may have made your vessel their new home. A deep cleaning will help you notice more minor issues and clear out any new friends. 

  1. Test Your Battery

Cold weather tends to be especially tough on batteries, so use a battery tester to ensure it’s working correctly. If it’s not, be sure to replace your battery before taking your boat out. 

  1. Check Your Engine Oil

Did you have your engine oil changed before you winterized your boat? If not, now is the time to fill up with new oil and replace the oil filter. In general, all of your boat’s fluids should be at the appropriate level before you head into the water. 

  1. Give Your Steering Wheel a Turn

After a long winter, you might find your steering wheel challenging to turn. If this happens to you, double-check that you have enough power steering fluid and add more until you reach the recommended level. 

  1. Look at Your Cooling System and Antifreeze 

Chances are, when you winterized your boat, you flushed out your cooling system. That means now is the time to fill it back up. During this process, take time to inspect your hoses. Neglecting to notice any cracks or worn elements could lead to leaks once your boat is in the water. 

  1. Wax and Polish Your Boat’s Exterior 

As you get your boat ready for spring, give its exterior a thorough power wash, followed by a polish and wax. This extra attention to detail makes your boat look great and helps with its structural integrity.

How Much Does it Cost to Dewinterize a Boat

On average, de-winterizing a boat costs $300. This amount can fluctuate based on boat size, location, and other factors. Having a professional winterize and de-winterize your boat saves time and effort. Otherwise, you can do it yourself, giving you up-close insight into your boat’s condition.

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