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Spending time on slick floors means taking every precaution to protect your body from head to toe. And unlike regular shoes, boat shoes serve a specific purpose — to keep you comfortable and steady while you’re on the water. To achieve this, you want a durable pair with the ideal fit, the right fabric, and plenty of traction. 

Best Boat Shoes for Fishing on a Boat

The right boat shoes align with your needs and physicality, helping to protect you from injury or discomfort. Before you start browsing, here are a few questions to help you find your new favorite pair. 

Are They Stiff or Flexible? 

A stiffer shoe allows you to traverse your boat, even in wet and slimy conditions. Before you try the shoes on, flex it with your hands to ensure they’ll provide enough stability. 

Can You Lace Them Up? 

The last thing you want to do is slip around in your shoes — or worse — have them fall off at an inopportune time. Look for boat shoes with laces you can tighten for the perfect support. The right fit also helps reduce strain on your feet. 

What Material Are They Made Out Of?

Boat shoes come in various materials, including plastic, rubber, and leather, with leather being the most durable choice. High-quality leather is water-resistant while still giving your feet room to breathe.

Pro-tip: Leather linings can help keep your feet warm if you fish in a colder climate. 

Do They Provide Enough Traction? 

The best boat shoes for fishing have rubber soles with big treads. The friction of this design helps you stay balanced on a wet floor.

If you plan on spending a lot of time on your feet, make sure there’s enough cushion and shock absorption to keep your feet supported and comfortable. 

How Will They Handle Water?

Hey, boat shoes are bound to get wet. You want a design that takes that into account and effectively drains water from inside the shoe, especially if you’re fishing in warmer weather, 

For cold-weather fishing, consider a rubber boot that doesn’t allow water in and guards your feet against becoming wet and clammy.  

Are They Easy to Clean?

This is personal preference, but your feet will thank you. Read the care instructions before purchasing your shoes to ensure they’re easy to disinfect and keep clean.

If you’re out on the water multiple days a week, consider buying multiple shoes to wear a clean pair while the others are drying out. 

Comfort Doesn’t End at Boat Shoes

Boating and fishing are relaxing but also take a toll on the body. Investing in a good pair of sunglasses, a protective hat, the proper attire, and the right boat shoes can keep you enjoying your favorite activity. 

You can enjoy the waves and fresh air for longer when you take care of your body.

Total Body Comfort on the Water

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