Frying pan with two baked fish in tomatoes,spices and lemon

We know you readers love catching fish. But what’s your favorite way to enjoy your fish once they’re caught? Here are a few of our favorite fall fish recipes that will be a hit at the dinner table, especially when you can use a fresh catch. 

Three of Our Favorite Fall Fish Recipes

Because fish is lighter in flavor and texture, it pairs well with heartier fall spices. If you’re looking for new fish recipes to try, here are our three recommendations for you. 

1. Baked Walleye with Hazelnuts and Sage Recipe

If you’re collecting baked fish recipes, add this one to your list. This Baked Walleye with Hazelnuts and Sage recipe from In-Fisherman brings fall flavors right to the table with a few simple ingredients, including walleye, lemon, butter, and of course, hazelnuts and sage. 

Pair with squash and leafy greens to round out the meal.  

Bonus: Don’t have fresh walleye on hand? You can use catfish for an equally delicious dish. 

2. Catfish Stew

As temperatures drop, fish soup can really hit the spot. Chef Lola’s Kitchen’s Catfish Stew combines fresh catfish, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and broth for the perfect Sunday stew. Use it to feed the whole family, or make a batch and enjoy it for the whole week. 

3. Sauteed Crappie with Butter Sauce

Fall is prime comfort food time, and this Sauteed Crappie recipe from The Sporting Chef has all the makings of a comfort meal. If you have fresh crappie on hand, this straightforward recipe packs a punch of flavor (and looks great on the plate). 

Spice it up: Substitute different types of fish. Anything goes, as long as it won’t fall apart when sauteed. 

Don’t Forget to Hit the Right Fish Temperature

The USDA recommends 145°F for your fish temperature. Use a thermometer to ensure your fish is cooked all the way through and safe to eat. 

The Joy of Grilling a Whole Fish

If the weather permits, you can always grill a whole fish. This method is relatively easy, with a bit of practice. Grilling the entire fish helps it stay together better, so you can enjoy even more of it! 

Hank Shaw, the author of Hook, Line, and Supper, recommends grilling fish with thicker skins, such as striped or freshwater bass, small carp, trout, and small snappers. 

When grilling a whole fish, make sure your flames are hot (the smaller the fish, the hotter you want those flames to be!) and that your grates are clean. This will help ensure an even cook without stickiness. 

For a dose of fall flair, pair the result with autumnal vegetables, including potatoes (regular or sweet), squash, kale, spinach, carrots, or brussel sprouts. 

Need to get out there and experience some fall fishing? Read our blog: Make the Most Out of Fall Fishing. 

Fill Up on Fresh Fish

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