Jig Fishing Techniques Every Angler Should Master

Jigging is among the oldest and most effective commercial and recreational fishing activities. This form of fishing involves a special lure that mimics flailing prey, and people primarily use it to attract hungry bass, trout, salmon, and bluegill. The angler allows the lure to sink to the bottom of the reservoir and erratically pulls it up, down, and side to side to stir up a feeding frenzy. However, becoming a jigging expert takes more than fancy tackle gear—you must also know various methods and skills to increase your overall success. Read on to learn the three jig fishing techniques every angler should master.

Arkie Jigging

Unlike other jig fishing techniques, Arkie, or “flip,” jigging features a more stable lure that’s less likely to catch on rocks, weeds, or other obstacles. The weighted element—often lead or tungsten—allows your lure to swim and jerk naturally through the water. As such, it’s very applicable in shallow bodies of water with heavy floor vegetation. A jerking Arkie jig resembles a crawfish’s defensive movement, making it quite effective at snagging rock-oriented bass.

Swim Jigging

Swim jigging is a newer jig fishing technique that’s quite popular within the pro fishing circuit. It combines the jig movement with a spinner bait lure. In turn, this creates a more natural swim pattern that’s attractive to scattered bass. Swim jigging is most effective in rocky or weedy reservoir bottoms. Furthermore, it’s important to find a swimmer jig that’s under half an ounce to ensure your lure remains in the bass strike zone. Swim jigging does require special equipment and lots of practice, but the results are well worth the investment of time and energy!

Football Jigging

Football jigging uses a special, highly versatile lure designed primarily for post-summer spawning bass or less-predictable fish species. The football jig includes a mouth-piercing hook and two tapered end pieces. This football shape provides more erratic patterns underwater without sacrificing stability when running over rocky terrains. Similar to Arkie jigging, football jigging also mimics crawfish and is highly effective for trophy bass fishing.

Every angler should master these three jig fishing techniques to have a more productive and successful fishing excursion. However, having comfort and support while on the water is equally vital to your experience. So enhance your boat’s seating by investing in top-quality marine air ride seats today. Contact our team at Smooth Moves and learn more about the benefits of upgraded marine suspension systems!