Woman smiling on a boat.

As screen time increases, research is emerging about the positive effects of “blue space” or spending time by bodies of water. It turns out time by water is well-spent, whether you love listening to the waves, scanning the horizon, or catching your favorite fish, leading to benefits for our mental and overall health.  

The Benefits of Spending More Time on Your Boat  

Intuitively, you probably already know that blue space is excellent for our brains. Water’s restorative and calming nature helps combat the stress that can overtake our daily lives. Simply being near, on, or in water can reduce anxiety, lower the heart rate, decrease blood pressure, foster creativity, and promote deep breathing—all good things for our overall well-being. 

So, the question is: Can better boating habits lead to longer days on that beautiful, blue water? 


Spend All Day in Your Favorite Place

Blue body of water.

The peace we experience by the water bolsters our mental health, giving us the strength to tackle whatever life throws our way. While your heart and soul want to spend all day boating, your body might have different ideas. These tips will keep you enjoying that beautiful blue space all day long:

Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water keeps your body hydrated and ready for action. A reusable water bottle also helps cut down on unnecessary plastic use. 

Take breaks. You may love being the captain of your ship, but take time to relax throughout the day. If you have other boaters with you, let them take a turn handling things. Your body and mind will be glad for a bit of rest. 

Use sunscreen. Shield yourself against the harsh rays of the sun to avoid painful sunburns. And don’t forget your sunglasses which protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays. Stay tuned to our blog next month as we dive into the specifics of protecting yourself against the sun. 

Keep your feet dry. The right boating accessories can keep your feet nice and dry, no matter the weather or spray from the waves. Make sure you’re wearing a durable pair of boating shoes before your long day out. 

Maintain your boat. Keeping your boat in tip-top condition means it’ll keep you out there during all the nice weather. Read our piece about our annual boating maintenance recommendations to stay on top of it all. 

Protect your back. Even on the calmest days, waves impact your joints, especially your neck and back. Keep those tender spots safe by investing in a seat that takes the brunt of the force for you. 

Smooth Moves Keeps You on the Water Longer

When we started Smooth Moves, we had a crystal clear mission in mind: help boaters stay comfortable out on the waves. Our Air and Ultra models are durable, salt water-resistant, and made for all you water-lovers out there.   

Professional anglers certainly know a thing or two about spending long days on the waves! Check out the anglers who love Smooth Moves Seats, then spend more time on your boat this season.