Marina full of boats.

Sunshine, dips in the water, a bright blue sky. Enjoying time on your boat can be the most relaxing way to spend your summer days. But amid the peacefulness and fun, there are still boating rules of the road to follow. While there are extensive rules to follow when boating (you can read more about them here), it’s also smart to follow common boat and marina etiquette. This makes for a better experience for everyone enjoying the water. 

Boat Etiquette

During beautiful weather, we’re sharing space with other boaters. Here are four agreed-upon boating rules of the road to abide by

  1. Human-powered boats, including kayaks and canoes, always have the right-of-way over any other vessel (this includes sailboats!) 
  2. A sailboat always has the right of way over a powerboat. The only exception is when a sailboat is running with an engine — then it is also considered a powerboat.
  3. If another boat is dealing with restricted mobility for any reason, it is expected that you and your boat will accommodate it. 
  4. Observe the speed limit and rules for the body of water you’re on, especially if there’s a “no wake zone”. Not only does that encourage safety, it’s also a common courtesy. 

Marina Etiquette

Since a marina is a shared space, do your best to maintain a peaceful atmosphere: 

  1. If you see someone struggling on the dock, give them a hand! Docking can be intimidating, especially when you’re starting out — a helpful comrade is always appreciated.
  2. On the other hand, be sure to give the other boats in the marina enough space. Crowding another boat doesn’t typically go over well. 
  3. When it comes to marina etiquette, strategize ahead of time so you can efficiently use your time once you arrive. Whether you need to fuel up or grab something on land, make a plan and execute it quickly. No one likes a clogged boat ramp. 
  4. Take the time to connect with the marina manager or a fellow boater to learn the particular rules and guidelines of the marina. Pay special attention to their quiet hours — this goes a long way towards being a good neighbor.

Take Charge of the Waves with Smooth Moves

We hope these boating rules of the road help you enjoy your boating days (and maybe even foster a new friendship or two on the dock!). There is so much to love about being on the water and the comradery amongst boaters is at the top of our list. 

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