A sunset view of a lake.

These days, boaters are looking to practice more eco-friendly boating habits. After all, we need our waters to be protected for future generations to enjoy! But, what exactly does green boating entail? At Smooth Moves, we’ve created a green boating guide to help us do our part for the environment.  

The Dos and Don’ts of Green Boating

  1. Do Throw Your Trash Away Properly

Make sure that trash ends up in the proper place. While everyday trash belongs in the trash can, hazardous waste (paint, oil, old fuel) should be taken to your local facility. If you’re not sure where something belongs, call your local Public Works Department and ask!

  1. Don’t Simply Toss Away Unwanted Boating Gear

Upcycling, recycling, or reusing used boating gear can ensure that it doesn’t end up in a landfill or ocean! Look for companies that collect used boating materials or research online ideas for utilizing old gear in a new way. Swap materials with other boaters (one man’s trash can indeed be another man’s treasure) or send your wetsuits away to be reincarnated into yoga mats!

  1. Do Use Caution When Fueling Up

When filling up your tank, go slowly, using old rags to catch any spills. We recommend leaving your tank 10% empty to account for fuel’s tendency to expand when it warms up. This eco-friendly boating practice helps prevent overflows and spills. 

  1. Don’t Forget Routine Maintenance

A well-maintained boat will have better fuel efficiency and be environmentally-friendly. Stay on top of your boat maintenance by regularly checking for issues and fixing them right away. The longer you leave them, the more problems they can cause! 

  1. Do Stop the Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species

We can all work together to stop the spread of pesky aquatic species that like to hitch a ride on unsuspecting boats! 

Follow the Clean, Drain, & Dry Method:

  • Look over your boat and clean off any aquatic plants, animals or mud before you leave the water. 
  • Drain any systems that contain water. 
  • Wash your boat between uses.
  • Giving your boat time to completely dry (recommended time is five days) or use a towel before heading into a new body of water.
  1. Don’t Give Organisms a New Home

If you’re an angler, don’t dump organisms, including bait, worms, fish parts or live fish, from one body of water into another! By introducing organisms into a foreign environment you can impact the local ecosystem. Dispose of all unwanted organisms in the trash. 

Smooth Moves Believes in Eco Friendly Boating

The actions we take (or don’t take) on the water make a significant impact on our local environments. By following these green boating tips we can protect the bodies of water we love so much. 

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