Gas pumps. Learn how to stretch your boat fuel dollars.

These days, it seems like record-setting gas prices are at the top of everyone’s mind as they fill up their tank. Our suggestions will help you stretch your boat fuel dollars so you can spend as much time on the water as possible without breaking the bank. 

Top Ten Tips to Help Your Boat Fuel Go the Extra Mile 

These recommendations will hopefully help your boat fuel tank stay fuller for longer. Remember, every boat is different, so use the best tips for your specific boat. 

  • Lighten Up. 

The lighter it is, the less boat fuel it requires, so be mindful about what’s on it. If you have consistently been acquiring more and more gear, take stock of what you have and think about what you actually need. Offload or discard anything unnecessary. This includes emptying your holding tank regularly

  • Invest in a Fuel Flow Meter

Fuel flow meters track your fuel usage, so you know if something isn’t working correctly. They also help you find the optimal speed for maximum fuel efficiency. Yes, they can be an upfront investment, but they are worth every penny in the long run.

  • Change Your Fuel Filters. 

When your boat engine is working to draw fuel through a clogged filter, it can become less efficient. We recommend changing your fuel filters every 50 hours. If you notice a significant change in your boat’s performance, swap them out earlier.

  • Skip the Marina Fuel Docks. 

Because so many boaters fill up at the marina, gas prices can be significantly higher. You’re better off fueling up before your trip at one of the land-bound stations. 

Marina with boats.

  • Don’t Be a Drag.

A smooth boat bottom is critical when you’re looking for maximum efficiency. Have the bottom of your boat cleaned routinely, either by yourself or by a professional. And consider anti-fouling paint to help reduce algae growth and its subsequent drag. 

  • Get a Tune-Up. 

While tackling routine maintenance for your boat, take time for a tune-up. We recommend an annual tune-up, if not more often. Bonus: A functioning motor is bound to be more efficient in the water. 

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  • Sloooooooooooow Down.

Who doesn’t love racing through the water? But, as you move faster, your fuel efficiency decreases. Keeping your eye on your speedometer means your gas tank will last longer.  

  • Harness the Power of the Tide

By using a tide table, you can follow the flow of the water and let it do more of the hard work for you. The same goes for wind – going with the wind uses less engine power than going against it. 

Smooth Moves Has Your Back 

We are keeping our fingers crossed that boat fuel prices begin to drop sooner than later.  In the meantime, hopefully, these tips will help you, your wallet, and your boat this season. 

Want another boating tip? Take a look at our Smooth Moves boat seat suspension systems. They’re specifically designed to reduce neck and joint pain on even the roughest waves. After all, once you’ve figured out how to maximize fuel efficiency, you’re not going to want to come back to land.