Overhead shot of boat.

If you’re like us in the Midwest, you’ve spent most of the winter daydreaming about the summer and hitting the water. Lucky for you, we have the perfect recommendations to make this season your biggest haul yet. Upgrading your multi-species boat can not only help make your ride look nicer, but it can also improve your fishing, and even your health!


Technology continues to evolve and make our lives more convenient, even on the water. High-def electronic graphs are now affordable. You can use GPS plotting and real-time bottom viewing to make sure you get the catch of the day! 


If you don’t have a bimini, or if your bimini has seen better days, now is a great time to invest in a new one for your multi-species fishing boat. Biminis are a great way to ensure a little bit of shadiness on your boat, in case you need a break from the rays.

Snap-In Carpeting

Snap-in marine carpeting adds a level of comfort and dare we say, luxury, to your boat. Not only is snap-in carpeting easy to install yourself, but you can simply remove it during rainy days or when it’s time to give it a clean. 

Onboard Lighting

LED lighting strips are a quick and accessible way to add ambiance to your ride, especially for those nights when you want to stay out on the water. You can easily install LED light strips yourself – some use adhesives that you can stick on easily, while other options require a bit of drilling. 

Seating Arrangements

To add ease to your fishing excursion we recommend adding a boat suspension system to your seating arrangements. Not only will it increase your comfort on the water, but shock absorbing boat seats give your back and joints a break from the rough waves. At Smooth Moves Seats, our suspension kits are affordable and easy to install yourself. 

Smooth Moves Seats Makes It Easy 

Curious about upgrading your multi-species fishing boat seating? Check out our Smooth Moves shop to see what options are available. With our focus on suspension, your back and joints will feel better, which can only mean one thing: more time on the water. 

Need more information or have a question that wasn’t answered? Contact us. We’re happy to help you discover how we can make your ride a smooth one.