Sign that says Gone Fishing

With your eyes out on the horizon, you may not be tracking the impact boating has on your joints and back. Waves, both big and small, can cause aches and pain that follow you back to shore. Investing in a quality boat seat suspension can take a lot of pressure off, so you can focus on making the catch of the day. But can shock absorbing boat seats really improve your fishing? Let’s find out.

More Time on the Water.

Look, the more time you get to spend out on the water, the higher your chances of catching something great. While we think of big, rough waves having an impact on our joints, even the smaller waves can provide a pretty consistent jerk that can make a big impact. Without those nagging aches and pains, chances are you’ll be pretty hesitant to turn back to the shore early. That means more time soaking in the sun and reeling in the haul. 

Increased Dexterity. 

 Neck and back pain make a big impact on how your whole body moves. When you’re not bogged down by achy joints, you have a bit more dexterity in your moves. You can use that to your advantage as you go for that one catch that just…doesn’t…wanna….come…in! A quality suspension seat is going to protect your body by absorbing the shock of the waves before they ruin your day.

Go the Distance. 

On those days when nothing is biting, you may want to try a new spot, but the idea of boating out that far makes you a little worried. With an ergonomic boat seat, you don’t need to worry about the impact those longer expeditions might have on your joints. Time to go out where the fish are.

Gone Fishin’

Taking care of yourself is important, and allows for more time, movement, and freedom on the water. At Smooth Moves Seats, we have two options to make your next boating adventure a smoother one. The Smooth Moves Ultra Suspension Boat Seat is a hydraulic suspension system, designed for a variety of passengers and is a fan favorite. The Smooth Moves Air Boat Seat Suspension System utilizes a built-in air compressor that adjusts at the touch of a button, adding ease and convenience. Both of our shock absorbing boat seat options are affordable, easy to install, and durable. 

Feel the Difference

Wanna witness our products in action? Check out our YouTube page and see why the pros continually recommend Smooth Moves for the ultimate boating experience.