3 fishing rods all lined up


Walleye is one of the most delicious fishes to catch in North America and Canada. Flaky and buttery, it’s the perfect end of the day meal. How can you prepare the best walleye boat setup to bring in a decent haul? At Smooth Moves Seats, we have some suggestions so you can fish like the pros! 

Walleye Boat Setup

While there are a lot of components to consider when setting up your boat, today we’re going to look at three key elements: boat material, trolling motors, and rod holders. 

Boat Material 

When it comes to the hull of your walleye boat, you have two main choices – fiberglass or aluminum. Both have their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Fiberglass is moldable, and holds up better on big bodies of water. While fiberglass is a little more expensive, it can provide a smooth, high quality day of fishing. 
  • Aluminum is easy to maintain and affordable. While it’s easily dented, aluminum is recommended for smaller bodies of water.  

Because walleye typically live in quieter lakes, an aluminum boat is your best bet for your walleye boat setup.

Trolling Motors

Investing in a trolling motor makes a huge difference in your walleye boat. The best part about this versatile type of motor? It’s quiet, which helps to not startle fish. It also allows for low trolling speeds, which is key for walleye fishing especially if you’re using live bait.

Picking the right trolling motor for your boat depends on a couple of factors. Check out this list of the best trolling motors of 2021 to see what options are available and which one might be best for you! 

Rod Holders

Since trolling is a key element of walleye fishing, you’ll want to consider your rod holders and their placement on your boat. In most cases, 2-3 rods per angler are recommended. Make sure to invest in durable (preferably permanent) rod holders that’ll be able to handle a large walleye. 

Keep in mind that you don’t want the lines to tangle, especially if you get a bite! Try putting two holders at the back of your boat, and then another two holders about three feet forward for a premier walleye trolling boat setup.

Smooth Moves Can Help

There’s nothing better than being out there on the water. And when it comes to all-day fishing trips, comfort is key. Our Smooth Moves Seats provide your back and joints with unique protection from waves, so you can stay on the water longer. Not convinced? Check out the list of anglers who proudly use our seats for their excursions. When you want a walleye boat setup like the pros, invest in Smooth Moves Seats.