Jamie Robinson in boat wearing Smooth Moves seat hat

We recently met up with Jamie Robinson, Canadian walleye fisherman and six-time angler of the year recipient. We asked Jamie what he’s been up to these days and why he loves using Smooth Moves Seats.

Smooth Moves: Jamie, with the unfortunate cancelling of boat launches and tournaments this summer due to COVID-19, what does your new schedule look like? 

Jamie: I mostly work from home these days. We have been fortunate that COVID-19 hasn’t affected our fishing season. Though we’re all doing our best to practice safe social distancing, many of us are still able to go out onto the water and fish. I’ve been spending a lot of my time trapping bait and stocking my boat to get ready for the season. 

Smooth Moves: Are you still a live bait fisherman?

Jamie: Hard bait is fun to use, but where I live, especially during this time of year, live bait rules! In Canada, you’d never go into a tournament with artificial bait, so I spend a lot of time before the season catching live bait and stocking my tackle box. 

Smooth Moves: I read somewhere that “jigging and pitching jigs” is your favorite technique for catching walleye. Is this still true?

Jamie: It’s definitely hard to beat! If you’re fishing for walleye and looking for a hard bite, it’s the best technique. 

Smooth Moves: What advice would you give walleye fishermen this summer. How can they stay competitive and still enjoy the season with recent changes?

Jamie: Get prepared! Take this time to order what you want and tie up lines you need. Gear up and make sure your boat is well stocked, so when it’s time to hit the water, you’re ready to go!  

Smooth Moves: When did you start using Smooth Moves’ suspension boat seats

Jamie: This is actually my third year of using Smooth Moves. I’ve had them for two full seasons, and I can honestly say, I’ll never own another boat without them. 

Smooth Moves: Which shock-absorbing boat seats do you like best (Ultra or Air)?

Jamie: I have both models. I use the Air suspension seat in the captain’s chair and the Ultra in the passenger’s seat. Both are equally comparable. The only difference is the Air is easier to adjust. All you have to do is push a button and you’re done. 

Smooth Moves: Have you noticed a difference in rougher water? 

Jamie: Until you sit in one, you won’t believe how much better it is for your back, passengers, and ride. If you’re out on the water and get stuck, you always have a smoother ride back. My wife and I first tried Smooth Moves together, and we actually started looking for waves to test. It was a lot of fun!

Smooth Moves: Why would you recommend our shock-absorbing boat seats to anglers?

Jamie: It’s one of the most important boat accessories you’ll ever own. Waves can jarr you and throw you off your technique. It also causes a lot of back issues, which means you spend less time on the water. But with Smooth Moves, you float over waves. A good friend of mine suffered from back pain. I had him try out the seat one day, and he immediately went out and bought one for his boat.

Smooth Moves: When asked by friends or other pro anglers if Smooth Moves is worth it, what do you tell them? 

Jamie: I’ve taken about 10 people out for rides on my boat and had them sit in the Ultra and Air. This has directly sold about 5 suspension boat seats. They sell themselves because people feel the difference, and they don’t want to go back to what they had before. Smooth Moves makes every boating ride more pleasurable and fun! 

Ready to Feel the Difference Yourself?

Find out more about how Smooth Moves Seats can help support your back and keep you on the water for more fun and walleye action! Find a dealer near you, order online, or check out why other pro anglers, like Jamie, continue to choose Smooth Moves Seats for a better ride! 

Jamie Robinson on Smooth Moves Suspension

Even Jamie’s dog Trapper enjoys Smooth Moves Suspensions – he sits in them all the time!