Jason holding two fish next to Smooth Moves boat seat suspension system

Father’s day is less than a month away, and if you’re still searching for the perfect gift for dad, you’re not alone! There’s no question that most anglers this year are feeling the itch to get outdoors, soak in some fresh air, and ride the waves in search of their next big catch!

To help you in your quest of making this Father’s Day the best one yet, we asked fishing expert Jason “JW” Wright, host of Ultimate Outdoors Adventures TV, for his list of the top fishing gifts for dads in 2020. 

Best Gifts for Dads Who Love Fishing!

Jason: “I’ve been asked the same question several times this week: ‘I need a Father’s Day gift for my dad or husband, and he likes to fish. What should I get him?’ Well, here are a few top picks I’d recommend”:

  1. Onyx Auto/Manual 24 Life Vest (or any brand auto/manual life vest) makes the best gift for those dads who like to fish tournaments or fish with their kids. And because many of us will be practicing social distancing this summer, meaning we’ll be fishing alone in our boats this year, wearing a life vest that’s safe, durable, and comfy is important! Think of it this way, you wouldn’t let dad drive without a seatbelt, right? So, make sure he’s safe on the water, too!  
  2. Let’s be honest. Every angler knows that you can never have enough “good” needle nose fishing pliers. I’m talking about the ones that won’t rust and/or get stiff over the years. Having several quality fishing clippers on hand is a great strategy and will keep dad well stocked each season! 
  3. long-sleeve shirt styles for fishingLucas Slick Mist Speed Wax is available for both marine (boats) and/or vehicle applications. These products come in either packs and/or in single bottles. This is great stuff and something dad will be happy to add to his inventory. 
  4. Long sleeve sun shirts are a popular choice for fishermen and women and for good reason, too. They help protect you from the sun and keep you cool in hot weather. You can find quality sun shirts at smoothmovesseats.com or at any sporting goods store near you. 
  5. Fishing gloves, such as the Stubby Guide Glove by Fish Monkey, or any other brand that provides some protection from handling lots of fish and includes SPF protection, is another one of this year’s must-have gifts for dads
  6. Not everyone likes to spend money on an extravagant fishing gift, so if you’re budgeting this year, but still want to surprise dad with something really cool, I recommend a digital scale. You can find quality ones for under $50 at Cabela’s or other specialty retailers. These make great gifts that any angling dad would enjoy, plus it won’t break the bank! My personal favorite is the Berkley Precision Scale which retails for $36.99. 
  7. If dad doesn’t have an electric fillet knife, this would be another great gift idea. They’re available as both corded and cordless.
  8. One of the neatest gifts I’ve received from a good friend this winter was a Champion Sports Home and Road Pitch Tally Counter. This device is actually used for baseball, but my friend gave it to me to keep count of the fish I catch each day. You can also purchase one that’s designed for fishing activity, such as the Rapala Fish Counter. Most non-anglers don’t realize this, but fishermen and women like knowing exactly how many fish they caught at the end of a long day!
  9. Jason's daughter on boat after she caught a fish.Lightweight performance face guards/shields are becoming very popular for protecting the face while fishing. Two popular brands I’d recommend include Salt Life and Fish Monkey, but there are many other great brands out there, as well. 
  10. Aside from the gifts mentioned earlier, if you really want to make this year’s Father’s Day extra special for dad, there’s only one gift that will ensure he enjoys more time on the water. Consider upgrading his seat suspension to Smooth Moves Seats! These kits are easy to install, maintain, and allow dad to cut through choppy water and ride longer on tougher waves without feeling tension or having to pack up early due to back pain or discomfort. 

Want More Gift Ideas for Dad?

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