Fisherman on custom boat in water

As you begin to prep your tackle box, dust off your lures, and find yourself in the wake of another great fishing season, why not consider upgrading your fishing boat with a few custom features. Though some dealers will allow you to custom build your boat before you buy it, there are many ways to install better equipment onto an existing vessel to improve its performance, safety, and comfort.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Boat

Whether you’ve had your boat for years, or only a short period of time, it doesn’t take too long to realize that adding a few simple upgrades could instantly enhance your fishing technique and allow you to stay out on the water longer and cover more area!

There’s multiple ways to update your fishing boat. Some popular options include:

  • Installing a top-rated fish finder to help target your next catch.
  • Installing a shallow water anchor to stay in control against stronger currents. 
  • Installing a brand-name rod holder to keep your boat organized and spacious.
  • Installing a trolling system to grant you better ability to manage your technique.

Though these custom options can help you land more fish, when the water gets rougher and your boat begins to absorb constant pounding along the waves, there’s only one essential upgrade you’ll need to ensure less back pain and more action: a top-of-the-line boat seat suspension system.

Smooth Moves Seats offers two, leading shock-mitigation systems that can accommodate the majority of boats with pedestal-style seating. Easily adjustable, durable, and salt-water resistant, Smooth MovesAir and Ultra seat suspension kits were designed to promote comfort and reduce the jarring shocks your body absorbs from cutting through tough waves. 

The truth is the older we get, the harder the hits, and the shorter the time we spend on the water doing what we love. Upgrading to an advanced shock-mitigation system like Smooth Moves helps you get back on the water, cover more area, and stay in hot pursuit of your next big catch, day after day. 

Why Install Aftermarket Upgrades?

If you already own a fishing boat but you want to update its features to improve its overall comfort and performance, Smooth Moves makes it easy to make the switch to an advanced boat seat suspension system. 

As a special add-on to your vessel, we make the process of measuring and installing your seat suspension kit simple to do on your own before you head out on the water for the rest of the day. To learn more about our shock-mitigation systems, contact us today or visit your local dealer to upgrade your ride and enjoy more time on the water with less back pain.