View from a boat onto an island.

Beautiful, long days on the water may be tempting you to finally take the plunge and buy a boat. Doesn’t it sound nice: having a vessel of your own to enjoy whenever you want? But when’s the best time to take this next, big step? At Smooth Moves Seats, we’ve broken down the year to figure out the best time to buy a boat.

Spring & Summer 

Because people often feel inspired to buy boats as the weather warms, spring and summertime typically means an uptick in demand. This, in turn, leads to an increase in pricing, making it difficult to find deals. Plus, as summer orders roll in, manufacturers often become overwhelmed. This can mean delivery delays, keeping you from precious time on the water! 

However, if all goes according to plan, buying a boat during the spring or summer means you’re able to hit the water right away. 


As both temperatures and demands decrease, manufacturers start to offer discounts and deals. Right around September and October – as dealers find they need to make room for next year’s models – it’s easier to find competitive pricing. 

Plus, buying a boat in the fall gives you plenty of time to research, purchase, and install your favorite boat accessories so you can hit the summer in style. (Read our list of the Ultimate Boat Accessories for more inspiration on that front.) 


January, February, and March bring the much-anticipated and beloved boat shows! If shopping the latest and greatest boat models sounds up your alley, this is your chance. See what’s new in the boating world, ask questions, and take advantage of deals and incentives that are offered. 

Want to check out a boat show this year? This calendar highlights shows around the country! 

Even if you don’t want to attend a boat show, wintertime still offers great deals because orders often slow way down. 

Your Schedule 

Take it from us: if you’re looking for the best deals and least amount of competition, fall and winter are the best times to buy a boat. But if buying a boat right now is your dream, hey – we’re certainly not going to stop you! Ultimately, the best time is when it’s best for you. 

Enhance Your Seating Situation

Once your boat arrives, it’s time to shop for your favorite boating accessories. Don’t forget to equip your seats with Smooth Moves boat seat suspension systems. Our seats help minimize back and joint pain so you can enjoy all that gorgeous time on the water you’ve been anticipating. 

Want more information about how Smooth Moves Seats make a difference? Check out our anglers in action or contact us