Man with fishing pole.

Looking for cool boat accessories to place underneath the Christmas tree? Smooth Moves Seats can help you find the perfect gift for every angler on your shopping list. Check out our 7 must-have boat parts and accessories to help spread a little cheer this season. And don’t be surprised if you find a few items to add to your own wish list!

7 Must-Have Boat Accessories

1.) Smooth Moves Boat Seat Suspension Kits

We listed Smooth Moves Seats number one on our list for two important reasons: 

(1) Smooth Moves Seats reduce back and joint pain, which guarantees you stay out on the water longer.

(2) Our suspension kits are affordable, easy to install, and low maintenance, which means Smooth Moves Seats really are the one gift that keeps on giving all year.

Choose from either our Air or Ultra suspension kits, or buy both to install one on your driver’s seat and one on your passenger’s. If you’re still on the fence, watch our pros in action and learn why they continue to rely on Smooth Moves Seats to cut through the toughest waves.

2.) Garmin Striker 4

Having a quality GPS is one of the most important boat accessories. Many devices range in price, and though this one may be on the slightly higher end, it’s definitely worth the investment. Featuring an easy-to-use keypad operation, this GPS offers advanced underwater imagery and smart calculator to document water temperatures, journey distance, sonar history, and more! 

3.) X-Ranger iPhone X Survival Case by Olixar 

We all know it’s important to protect your smart devices on the water, but what if your device could provide you with some added utility, as well? This case really has everything you need: a ruler; filer; screwdriver; bottle and can opener; cable peeler; protractor; phone stand; knife, side, and saw blade; butterfly wrench; and more! With ample room to store your credit cards and ID, this is one of the ultimate boating parts and accessories on our list. 

4.) Just Ducky Water Spot Remover

You might remember our good friend and pro angler Seth Lubber shared a few tips on how to keep your boat clean and organized. It really can’t be stressed enough that keeping your boat dry is an essential step in boat maintenance. Seth recommends using Just Ducky to remove water spots on your boat after you’ve taken it out on the water. This is a great gift to give fellow anglers to ensure they’re keeping their boat in top condition.

5.) Pawz Pet Boat Ladder

If any angler on your list has a faithful companion who likes to ride the waves, this pet boat ladder will make a nice addition to their boat accessories list! It features an easy entry/exit to help reduce the risk of your furry friend straining or injuring joint muscles. It’s also rust-resistant and can be easily attached and detached in seconds. 

6.) Cut Resistant Gloves by NoCry

Though these gloves are branded for chefs in the kitchen, they’re perfect for bass or walleye fishermen, too. Whatever you use to cut net or wires, or whatever you’re reeling in with sharp chompers, these gloves will help you protect your skin from getting bitten or nicked from sharp pliers or knives. 

7.) Performance Fishing Tees and Hoodies

Having the best boat accessories also means wearing the right gear to protect you from UV-rays, moisture, and sweat. Check out Smooth Moves Seats shop page for great deals on performance fishing tees and hoodies for an added layer of protection while you’re out on the water. Our gear ensures you stay dry and comfortable, so you can relax and focus on your next catch. 

With so many ideas and cool boat accessories on the market, it’s tough to choose just one! We recommend you keep it simple and focus on the essential items all anglers need. And if a smoother ride is at the top of their wish list, Smooth Moves Seats can help. Browse our store to learn more about our boat seat suspension kits or find a dealer near you to pick one up today!

From all of us at Smooth Moves Seats, we wish you a safe, happy holiday season!