Pro angler Seth Lubber holding prize catch of the day.

Need help keeping your boat organized on and off the water? Pro angler Seth Lubber shared a few of his own tricks for cleaning and organizing his boat. Whether he’s competing in a tournament or spending the day out on the water with his buddies, Seth likes to stick to a regular cleaning routine to ensure his boat always looks its best and is ready for the next adventure! 

Check out Seth’s tips for organizing your boat this summer:

Q: Seth, Would You Describe Yourself as Organized?

Seth: I’ve always been pretty organized. And over the years, the more investments I’ve made in terms of purchasing a new boat, updating my gear, or adding new rods and tackle, the more I realized how important it is to take care of your equipment. If you want things to last and perform well, you need to take care of them regularly. 

Q: Why is Keeping Your Boat Cleaned and Organized a Necessity? 

Seth: Aside from the fact that having a clean and organized boat can help you stay prepared when you’re out on the water, for me and other pros, we represent different brands that invest their time and resources into us. And we owe it to them to look our best (not just when we compete but also with how our boats and equipment look). 

And truthfully, our boats deserve a little TLC. We fish in all types of conditions, and our boats perform for us. We owe it to them to keep the inside and outside areas clean, so it always looks good. And when it’s time to sell your boat or trade it in, you can guarantee the best resale value!  

Q: Do You Find Cleaning Your Boat Therapeutic? 

Seth: Yes. It’s something you can actually control out on the water. A lot can happen during a tournament, and you’ll have good days and bad days. But, having a clean, organized boat is something you can do to give yourself a sense of control and some peace of mind. 

Q: So, Seth, How Do You Clean and Organize Your Boat?

Seth: I actually have two methods of cleaning I like to call quick clean vs. deep clean:

  • Quick Clean: I grab a bottle of Ducky Spot Remover to give my boat a quick clean after a day on the water. If my buddies are with me, I usually make them do it while I go clean the fish. All you need to do is spray the product on your boat while it’s still wet, grab a cloth, and wipe it down. It’s super fast and a great way to give your boat a quick cleaning. I’ll also use some Windex on the windows until everything is clean and ready for the next trip. 
  • Deep Clean: If I’ve been running my boat hard for a few weeks, or it’s been on gravel, I know it’s time for a deeper clean. I may either go to the car wash or bring my boat onto my driveway to do a thorough power wash. This ensures I get all the dirt and grime off. After this, I usually wipe it down by hand using a speed wax. And in addition to a deep clean, I like to take my boat for a professional detail every fall. This helps me get the carpets, chairs, and all the nooks and corners cleaned out thoroughly. 

Q: Is There Anything You Would or Wouldn’t Use to Clean Your Boat? 

Seth: I like to use Ducky, but there are a lot of great products designed to remove water spots, dirt, and grim that can destroy your boat. Just be sure to do your homework, so you know exactly what you’re putting onto your vessel. Read all directions and follow them correctly. My best advice: stay away from the unknown! 

Q: When It Comes to Your Boat, What Basic Essentials Do You Always Keep in Arms Reach?

Seth: I try to keep the most accessible items (rods, bait, nets, etc.) up front, where I can grab them quickly. But before I even take my boat out into the water, I make sure everything is rigged up for the day. For example, I normally have multiple rods rigged and ready to go for different presentations.

Q: When You’re Out on the Water, Do You Use Smooth Moves Seats

Seth: Yes, I have one of each: I installed the Ulta on the passenger’s side and the Air on the driver’s side. Whenever I have friends or family fish with me, they’re always fighting over who gets shotgun. We end up having everyone take turns. 

Q: How Do You Clean/Maintain Your Smooth Moves Seats?

Seth: It’s actually pretty easy to care and maintain the quality of your Smooth Moves Seats. I like to clean mine regularly by blowing off any dust. I also check the bolts to make sure nothing is loose. This can happen over time, as we run our boats in all types of conditions. I also lubricate the springs on the Ultra at least once a year. Smooth Moves Seats has a video that shows you how to maintain them.

To stay connected to Seth and all his fishing adventures, follow his Facebook page for updates and great pics of his big catches this summer! To learn more about the benefits of adding Smooth Moves Seats to your boat, shop our online store or find a dealer near you!